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Tony Pollard Bursting Into Life At Right Time For Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard was instrumental in the team’s 40-3 smashing of the Vikings on Sunday.

His 189 yards were more than the entire Minnesota team. Tony Pollard also caught two TD passes, including an early 68 yarder that unlocked the game.

Whether Tony Pollard should get more touches over Ezekiel Elliott is a topic of debate among Cowboys fans. Team Pollard will be happy based on the last two weeks.

Before Week 10, Pollard hadn’t had more than 20 touches in a game or ran the ball more than 14 times. In his last two games, he’s exceeded those figures in each game.


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“Yeah, that’s the little play we put in this week”, he said of the 68-yard TD grab.

“Kinda been working on it and we just called it at the right time, and it hit big for us.”

According to Cowboys players, there isn’t a debate between Pollard and Elliott. In fact, they see the two as a pair who works together.

“That’s something that we’ve got to keep going all year,” Pollard said. “Just keeping us fresh in the game, you know, rotating, just keeping the defense guessing. Just keeping them on their toes.”

Pollard finished the game with 80 yards rushing on 15 carries. Elliott produced 42 yards on 15 carries. 


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“Yeah, they’re dynamic,” Prescott said. “Obviously when you have them both out there, defense doesn’t know what’s coming at them. Just for TP to have two touchdowns out of the backfield and receiving, Zeke to have a couple rushing. It’s just impressive. Those two guys can do whatever you ask them to do. They have no egos, and they’re a great duo. We’re blessed.”

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