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Top 3 Big East Tournament Contenders

The Big East is a division with a handful of ranked teams that could likely run into each other later in the NCAA Championship Tournament.  Currently on the horizon for these teams, though, is the Big East Tournament.  Here are the three big contenders to win the Big East Tournament.



Marquette will be feeling good going into this tournament.  They know they will likely face Notre Dame in the quarter finals, and Marquette have all ready defeated them earlier this month.

It is after the quarter finals that Marquette is going to run into an uphill battle where they could run into Louisville or Villanova.  They lost to both those teams during the regular season.

Marquette’s big offense is easily disrupted by strong defensive teams like Louisville and Villanova.  If Marquette can’t get that problem in check they could be in trouble.


Georgetown has blown out Syracuse twice now over the last few days.    Georgetown has also defeated the Big East favorite Louisville.  It appears that Georgetown should feel pretty good heading into this tournament. However, a March 6 loss to Villanova must have Georgetown feeling a bit uneasy.  With Pittsburgh on their radar as well, who Georgetown got blown out 73-45 back in January,things do not look as peachy as it first seemed for Georgetown.


The number 4 team in the nation only has a couple teas that they do not know for certain that they can beat.  They got the chance to avenge all their division losses over the course of the season except Georgetown and Villanova.  Both of which they lost in very close games.

Louisville will likely run into Villanova in the quarter-finals, which has to concern the Cardinals a bit.  If they can beat Villanova they could very well run into Georgetown.

In other words, Louisville may be the favorite.  They are also facing an up hill battle.

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