Trent Richardson Thinks He’ll Be In The Hall Of Fame, Twitter Disagrees

Image via Zimbio

Image via Zimbio

In an unlikely turn of events, noted NFL draft bust Trent Richardson briefly became newsworthy again on Wednesday after discussing his future with CSN Mid-Atlantic. The No. 3 overall pick out of Alabama in 2012, Richardson had already been dumped by the Browns, Colts, and Raiders before signing with the Baltimore Ravens in April.

Despite having been completely written off years ago, it seems the running back hasn’t let a little thing like reality negatively impact his self-esteem. What starts as cautious, glass half-full optimism, quickly takes a sharp turn into outright delusion.

“This is a good chance of being my last ride hen it comes to proving myself in the NFL,” Richardson told CSN. “I know myself that I’m not done in the NFL, don’t want to be done. I got a taste of what that felt like. To tell my kids that their father didn’t have a job, it was big for me.”

Richard was then asked how his story would end, to which he replied, “Putting on a yellow jacket.” As in a Hall of Fame yellow jacket. If you think that sounds crazy with a side of confused, well the Twitterverse is in full agreement.

Here is an amusing sampling:

That’ll teach him to believe in himself!


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