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Trevor Lawrence: 2023 Is Only A Waste If We Don’t Use It

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence says he’s using last year’s end-of-season collapse as motivation for 2024.

The Jaguars failed to retain the AFC South and missed the postseason after losing five of their last six games.

Trevor Lawrence threw for 4,016 yards and 14 interceptions as Jacksonville finished the season 9 – 8. He says he wants to remain with the team as long as possible, although no contract extension has materialized yet.


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Trevor Lawrence enters the fourth season of his current deal with Jacksonville expected to pick up the 5th year option.

“There’s definitely been some conversations as far as where that’s at now,” Lawrence said

“It’s not really my focus, I’d love to obviously be a Jag for as long as possible. We love it here and I love where we’re headed as an organization and feel like I’m just getting better. My best ball is definitely ahead of me. From that standpoint, obviously yeah, that would be great. But like I said, going into my fourth year, it’s not like this is necessarily going to be my last season.

“It’s not really my focus right now, at the end of the day, my job isn’t going to change whether I get extended or not before this season,” he said. “My job is to go win games and to be the best I can be for this team so we can have a chance to win the Super Bowl. 

First, there is a little rebuilding to be done after a lackluster 2023.


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“You just have to use it, so that’s what I plan to do from last season,” said Lawrence. “I think our approach as a team, too, it’s a waste if you don’t use it. You went through that experience and then you don’t use it, it’s double bad because it sucked going through it and you didn’t get better from it. I think that’s our mindset, that’s my mindset moving forward and so many things to learn from.”

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