Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars

Trevor Lawrence ‘Getting Stronger Every Week’ – Pederson

Jacksonville Jaguars signal caller Trevor Lawrence is ready to be one of the great quarterbacks, according to Doug Pederson.

Doug Pederson’s first year as Jaguars coach was Lawrence’s second in the NFL. His improvement from his rookie year to 2022 was, quite literally at times, twofold. 

Trevor Lawrence led the NFL in receptions with 17 as a rookie – he cut that by half to eight last season. He also doubled his TD passes (25) in 2022.


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Trevor Lawrence improved his passer rating from 71.9 in 2021 to 95.2 in 2022. This accounts for the largest increase from a player’s rookie season to their second season in NFL history. The last player to improve so much from Year 1 to Year 2 was Carson Wentz… under Doug Pederson.

When Pederson says a quarterback has potential, he knows what he’s talking about. The Jaguars head coach says Lawrence’s temperament and ability to learn set him apart.

“The biggest thing that I’ve seen with Trevor, now going on two years, from where we had him a year ago in the offseason to today, just his confidence is incredible,” Pederson said.

“It’s off the charts. He’s put the past behind him, he’s focused on the future, and really embraced this opportunity with this football team. The confidence level with him is extremely high, as it should be.

“Great quarterbacks that I’ve either played with, or we’ve watched in the NFL have all had that ability to make others better and really rise and bring the talent around him up,” Pederson said.


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“He’s one of those guys. He’s not demanding or pounding his fists on the table, nothing like that. Just conversations you see with guys and how he’s willing to learn, he doesn’t have all the answers, but at the same time, they’re working through things. Him and Calvin (Ridley), you see it all the time, they’re working through things. 

“Him and Evan (Engram), they’re working through things. You can go right down the list. That’s the leadership part that I’m encouraged with and the dialogue that he has. It just keeps getting stronger each week.”

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