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Two Big Question Marks In Chicago

Both teams in Chicago are clearly in a rebuilding phase. As far as the Cubs are concerned, they have been in a perpetual state of rebuilding for the last eternity. This means that both clubhouses are not only going to be busy during the upcoming offseason but may also be assessing their options as the trade deadline looms.

The Cubs have a number of players that they are willing to put on the trading block, but all the focus is on Jeff Samardzija. The reason is that Samardzija is potentially a game changer for a team that could pick him up.

Samardzija has a losing record of 2-6, but he plays for the Cubs and is not a miracle worker. He is having the best season of his career and his stock has never been higher.


The right-hander would draw interest from teams just short of seriously contending due to rotation issues like the Atlanta Braves, but the Cubs will not part with Samardzija easily.

The rumor mill recently produced a tib-bit of info. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs may be more interested in extending Samardzija’s contract than trading him to the highest bidder. We shall see which is the case as the trade deadline draws near.

Meanwhile, the Chicago White Sox are not in rough shape.  They simply are not legitimate contenders at the World Series.


They have a solid roster that they will not want to tamper with too much, but clearly still needs some work.

Rumor has it Adam Dunn may be part of that work. Dunn will be a free agent after this season and the White Sox are interested from what we hear through the grapevine.

As far as moves before the trade deadline, some analysts have been saying the Sox may be willing to part ways with Alexei Ramirez.

Remirez has always been a consistent player for the White Sox, but he is having an All-Star season this year and his value on the trade market has never been higher. The Sox may be considering trading in the shortstop for a younger model, though.

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