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Two Teams Emerge From Free Agency As Super Teams

All the big time players have signed and all the would-be tradees have found homes with the exception of Kevin Love whose current home may be expecting too much for the trade of Love.

Regardless, a clear pictures has  began to emerge as to what the NBA landscape is going to look like next season and it has changed vastly. Two team in particular stand out as teams that have gone from good teams to great teams.

Chicago Bulls

Last season the Chicago Bulls made a playoff run and over free agency they have only gotten better.

They may have missed out on Carmelo Anthony, but they did manage to lure in All-Star center Pau Gasol. They picked him up for three years and no one doubts that he is going to mesh very well with the talented Joakim Noah. Gasol is coming off last season averaging 17.4 points and 3.4 assists a game

The Bulls also picked up Nikola Mirotic from Spain and signed point guard Aaron Brooks. On top of all that, they did the unexpected and held on to last year’s standout Kirk Hinrich.  All of this means that the Bulls now have the most depth and the best frontcourt in all of the NBA. Not to mention they have surrounded Derrick Rose with talent, so when he does return he will not be overworked.

Cleveland Cavilers

The Cleveland Caviler went from a team still in the process of rebuilding to immediate contenders when they brought LeBron James back home.

Aside from grabbing James, the Cavs also have managed to surround him with some noteworthy talents.  They picked up Mike Miller and James Jones.

They also recently officially signed Andrew Wiggins, which means they cannot trade him for 30 days. The Cavs were in talks to acquire love but the T-Wolves wanted Wiggins. That deal may now be off the table, which is good for the Cavs, as they are now simultaneously building to win now and for the future.

With both these teams in the same division the Eastern Conference central division is going to be an interesting place to keep an eye next season.

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