Two Trying to Forge Their Own Way in the Shadows of Their Dads

Playing in the shadow of a famous father can be a daunting task, but Canyon Barry and Justin Robinson are two college basketball players that are trying to follow their own trail to sports stardom, while taking advantage of their very famous genes.

The two did not always understand what it meant to have such famous fathers in the basketball world. When Robinson, a current freshman with Duke and Barry a College of Charleston junior, realized how good each father was at the sport, it changed everything.

Rick Barry and David Robinson each achieved the highest honors in the sport being named to the top 50 list of greatest NBA players of all time.

However, the sons of both of them are trying to blaze their own way while paying homage continually to their fathers.

Canyon Barry said that not many kids have the chance to come home following a game in high school and watch the game films with one of the top-50 all time players in the NBA who analyzes their game. Barry is currently leading the College of Charleston in scoring averaging 20 point per game.

Barry has used his father’s underhanded foul shot technique, with a slight adjustment to shoot 84% from the free throw line, while his father shot 90% for his career.

Justin Robinson stands 6-foot-8 and is still growing. He will not play this season as he has been redshirted by Duke. He has given rebirth to his dad’s bring it back and touch the numbers slam dunk.

David Robinson encourages his son to soak up what his coach Mike Krzyzewski and staff are teaching, while remaining content in the background this year.

Robinson has admitted that he did not always listen to his famous dad, but started to pay more attention during high school after seeing old films of his father including when dad hit 71 points in one game against the Clippers.

The younger Robinson said most kids do not always like to listen to their dad, but he claims now he does even though his dad might think otherwise.

Both these sons have come under big tests once an opponent is able to learn who their fathers are.

The expectations are huge, making it a more challenging thing, and everyone is always keeping an eye on their game, but Justin Robinson says it has helped him become a better player.

Time will tell if the two can come anywhere close to the bar set by each of their fathers, but one thing is certain, the two will give it their best shot.

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