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Tyler Scott: Be So Good They Have To Put You Out There

Chicago Bears rookie wide receiver Tyler Scott says ‘it’ll be fun’ to try and force his way into the team.

The Day 3 pick will begin behind D.J Moore, Darnell Mooney and Chase Claypool in Chicago’s depth chart.

“I have a pretty heavy room as far as these guys that have been there, done that, you know, have a lot of talent,” said Tyler Scott. “But for me, you know, my mindset has always been, be so good that they have to put you in the game. No matter who’s around, you have to be so good that they have to put you out there. So, that’s been my mindset.”


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“As far as the ceiling, I don’t really have too much of a ceiling for myself. I just see myself being an impact and having a hand in the stirring pot of a team that’s going to compete in the playoffs and, ultimately, for a Super Bowl.”

If the opportunity comes, Scott’s speed can be valuable to the Bears, who ranked last in passing yards last season.

“Coming in, my vertical speed, just being that vertical threat, I just cherish that opportunity and being able to be a part of something like that,” Tyler Scott said. “I’m grateful that they trusted me to bring that asset in. Somebody like me who is very hungry to show what I can do, I think it’ll be fun.”

As for which new teammate impresses him most, there’s only one answer.


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“D.J. Moore, obviously, being a teammate, he — man — he’s everything advertised and more,” Scott said. 

“Like he plays with such a calmness to him. Just the control to him. And football players know, you know, kind of what that looks like. And he just kind of plays just under control. But it’s not necessarily like he’s playing slow or behind. It’s just, he just kind of plays like he knows what he’s doing. You can tell he’s experienced in what he does. … He’s just playing at a different level than everybody.”

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