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Tyreek Hill Reveals Plans For NFL Retirement In 2025

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill has revealed the events which lead to his departure from the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The four-time All-Pro also says he’s going to retire after 2025 to pursue the gaming content business.

Tyreek Hill was looking for a huge contract extension in the summer of 2022. The fact that Jacksonville’s Christian Kirk signed a then-superior $72 million deal irked him.

Tyreek Hill got his big payday in Miami to the tune of $120 million over four years. Now, he has his sights set on next season’s trip to Arrowhead Stadium with a chip on his shoulder.


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“[Christian Kirk] signed the deal [with the Jacksonville Jaguars] and like he surpassed me and I’m like, bro, I compete on the field and I also compete on the business out of this, too,” Hill said.

“So, I’m not going to let Christian Kirk have a higher contract than me. I’m not. I’m just not.

“Chiefs Kingdom, when the Miami Dolphins come to Arrowhead Stadium this year, guess what we gonna do?” Hill said. 

“Guess what we gonna do? I hate to say it, man, I hate to throw up the peace sign against y’all, I hate to do it! But guess what? I’m gonna be y’all worst enemy that day, I’m gonna be y’all worst enemy that day.

“I’m going for 10, man,” Hill said in reference to 10 career seasons. “Gonna finish out this contract with the Dolphins and then I’m gonna call it quits. I want to go into the business side. I want to do so many things in my life, bro.”


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“So I really want to get into like the gaming space. I really want to get huge in that and that’s kind of what I’m doing right now. I’m using my platform, creating a gaming team, which isn’t launched yet. It should launch by the end of this month. I’m gonna just sign like different content creators, different athletes. I just been working that, talking to different sponsors.”

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