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Uconn Captures National Title

In what is one of the greatest upsets of all time, UCONN are the National Champions.

The sportsbooks did not give them very good odds to make it past Florida.  In fact, out of the four teams, their odds were the third worse to win the big one. They have now stifled all their naysayers by upsetting both Florida and Kentucky to take the national title.

Kentucky did not look like schmucks on the court though.  Kentucky had a ton of plays that if they won would have ended up on Sports Centers Top 10 highlights.  In fact, they may still get three or four plays on the Top Ten.  However, every time Kentucky looked as though they were going to get something going Uconn would answer right back.

Shabazz Napier was particularly impressive, leading his team to victory with 22 points. Naiper also was pulling the ball off the boards all night, a factor that was examined quite a bit leading up to the game.  UConn out rebounded Kentucky, easily.  The Huskies never fell behind in the game, despite it staying close.

To Kentucky’s credit, they had James Young who played another great game, leading his team with 20 points and seven rebounds.  Julius Randle also put up double figures with 10 points, six rebounds and four assists.

In the end it was not Kentucky’s inexperience that cost them the game.  They played like a Championship team.  Uconn just did their homework as was ready for Kentucky every step of the way.

The Huskies picked up their fourth national title with this win.  All of their championships have come since 1999.  Kevin Ollie is the first coach since Steve Fisher in 1989 to win the NCAA Tournament in his first outing in said tournament.  Also notable is that Uconn is the first No.7 seed ever to win it all.

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