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UFC on FOX 6: Jackson Versus Teixeira

Some are calling this bout and the Flyweight Championship bout a co-main event and with good reason.  This will mark the return of one of the most dangerous light heavyweights in the UFC Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.  They did not simply give Jackson an easy fight to get back into the MMA game.  They placed him in the octagon against a monster rising in Glover Teixeira.

Jackson is making his return to the UFC after a 9 month absence due to knee surgery.  Jackson will be looking to reestablish himself as a top Light Heavyweight Championship contender with a win over Teixeira.

Teixeira has impressed many despite only having two fights in the UFC thus far.  He has pounded his way to a 2-0 record in the UFC, however, he has a very impressive 19-2 overall MMA record.  He will be looking to use Jackson as a stepping stone as he climbs the UFC ladder to a title shot.

Why this fight Matters

For Jackson this fight is one of the biggest of his UFC career.  Jackson was already having a rough go of it before going down with a knee injury.  He failed to capture the title after losing to Jon Jones at UFC 135 back in 2011.  He then got upset by Ryan Bader at UFC 44.  It was after this fight that he went down with the injury.  This is the last fight on Jackson’s UFC contract, and he needs this comeback win in order to give the UFC a reason to resign him.  Otherwise, on Sunday, we are all going to talk about how Jackson’s UFC career is on its way to an end.

Teixeira’s career in the UFC is just getting started.  Beating Jackson will, by far, be the biggest win of Teixeira’s career.  He will also be able to enter the crowded Light Heavyweight Championship contenders field with a win against a big name like “Rampage” Jackson.

Key to win for Jackson

Jackson has got to be more patient than he is perhaps used to being.  He is not as young as he used to be and his jaw is not quite as tough as it once was.  Jackson’s old school strategy of taking a punch then countering with a knockout blow may be an unwise move on his part.  Jackson will need to simply be quicker than Teixeira and simply stay on the defense until Teixeira gets too aggressive or frustrated then he can move in for the big punch.

Key to win for Teixeira

Teixeira has to remember that it is Jackson who is fighting with his back against the wall.  There are a number of ways that Teixeira can win this fight he just has to remember to keep his cool and stay patient.  He has a dangerous ground game and striking game.  His punch could easily lay Jackson out.  If his punch does not do he a knee or kick might.  If all else fails Teixeira can take the fight to the ground.

Odds and Betting Lines

Teixeira is a pretty big favorite to win this fight with a -330 money line according to BetOnline.Com.  To bet on Jackson, the money line is at +275.

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