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UFC on FOX 6: Main Event Prevew

For the second time in the last few months a UFC title will be up for grabs on free television.  UFC on FOX 6 will feature a main event fight between UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson and  challenger John Dodson.

Johnson is the first ever Flyweight Champion.  He won the title in a tournament that culminating in a fight with Joseph Benavidez that went five rounds.  Johnson won the fight and is now defending his flyweight title against a worthy number one contender.

Dodson has has laid out two of his three opponents since winning season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter.  Dodson is both powerful, fast and a dexterous fighter, who poses a very real threat at Johnson’s run as Flyweight Champion.

Why this fight matters

The obvious reason that this fight is so important is the UFC Flyweight Championship.  The UFC’s newest belt was created so smaller fighters could compete in an atmosphere that fostered their specific skill set, speed and maneuverability.  However, these fighters want to prove that this new weight class is much more than a quick creation to because they couldn’t compete with the best.  Johnson and Dodson will also be trying to prove that they deserve to be considered amongst the best pound for pound fighters in the UFC.

Keys to win for Johnson

Johnson is the reining UFC Flyweight Championship and is going to come into this fight with confidence and feeling like he has the edge.  Both Johnson and Dodson are quick fighters, however, most consider Johnson to be faster than Dodson.  Johnson will need to utilize this by keeping the fight a strike game.  It is here that Johnson can out maneuver Dodson and lay into him with punches and kicks.

Also, the longer this fight goes and the longer Johnson can stay on his feet the more the fight will favor Johnson.  Johnson has amazing endurance and can simply ware Dodson down as the fight enters the later rounds.  When Dodson is exhausted Johnson should pick up the pace and end the bout.

Keys to win for Dodson

Dodson has only one key to victory.  Both fighters have near identical height and reach.  Both are also quick and out-maneuver with the best of them.  Dodson however has more power than Johnson.  Dodson has the potential to end this fight with one blow.  However, if the blow does not take out Johnson, Dodson will need to get back out quick as Johnson will retaliate with lightening speed if Dodson lets his guard down in the slightest.

Dodson is also a proven wrestler and could take the fight to the ground if it comes down to it.

Odds and Betting Line

As with most title bouts, the odds slightly favorite the defending champion.  Johnson has a -220 money line according to BetOnline.Com.  Dodson has a +190 money line, the slight underdog.

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