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UFC on Fox 7 Preview: Daniel Cormier vs Frank Mir preview

Daniel Cormier and Frank Mir has been on a collision course for a while now.  When these two heavyweights do collide Saturday night on UFC on Fox 7.

Corimier is a former Olympic wrestler who has quickly risen to the top of the heap of MMA heavyweights and with good reason considering he has an 11-0 MMA record.  Corimier could have his crosshairs set on the UFC Heavyweight belt sooner rather than later.  Standing in his way is a former champ and UFC veteran in Mir.

In order for Corimer to defeat Mir he simply has to go back and watch some of Mir’s previous losing efforts.  Mir is weak to strikers who are quick enough to avoid take downs and submissions.  Despite Corimer’s great wrestling background, it is unlikely that he will risk fighting Mir on the ground as Mir can slap on submission holds out of no where.

Corimer’s best bet at victory will be to hit Mir hard enough while standing to rattle him then rain fists down on Mir.

Mir needs this win more than Corimier.  After having a great initial run in the UFC, Mir has began to fizzle.  Mir needs to defeat Corimier in order to get back in the UFC title picture and prove that he still belongs among the top heavyweights in the world.

Mir is not going to want to try and exchange punches with Cormier despite recently showing a new found striking ability.  Cormier is stronger and faster than Mir and could easily surprise him with a knockout.

It may not be the most entertaining way to fight, but Mir will need to keep Cormier against the fence and stomp toes and use his knees to wear down Cormier.   Despite Corimier’s excellent wrestling background, Mir is safer on the ground where he can sneak in a submission when the opportunity presents itself.

Mir is a crafty fighter and will need to look for a submission when the opportunity presents itself otherwise he could end up on the losing end of this fight.

Cormier is the big favorite to win this fight with a money line at -450.  To bet on Mir the money line is set at +325.

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