UFC on FX 6: George Sotiropoulos versus Ross Pearson

The weigh-ins are done and the UFC is in Queensland, Australia for UFC on FX 6 tonight.  The fights are going to be highlighted by a lightweight fight between an aging Gorge Sotiropoulos versus the younger Ross Pearson.

Sotiropoulos will be looking to get this win and get back into the UFC Lightweight Championship division.  Sotiropoulos had a great start in the UFC winning eight in a row, but his momentum was halted last year on back to back losses and he fell out of the title picture.

A high profile, main event win against Person will put Sotiropoulos on the tips of a lot of people’s tongues again.  Sotiropoulos will be looking to regain his lost momentum with a win against Pearson.  It will not be easy, however.

Pearson has lost three of his last five fights.  While that is not an impressive record, Pearson is still a tough lightweight with mean KO skills.

Considering Sotiropoulos’ age and last few losses, many have predicted that if Sotiropoulos loses this bout it will likely be his last in the UFC.  At his age he simply does not have much fight left in him and if he does not start making a push toward Lightweight Championship at UFC on FX 6 it is likely he is never going to.  Sotiropoulos will be fighting for his UFC life.

Similarly, Pearson needs to prove that he can be a contender or he could find himself looking for success outside of the UFC.  Pearson will need to make a statement with this fight.

Sotiropoulos best strategy for victory will be to avoid Pearson’s strikes by going for an early victory.  Sotiropoulos usually successfully avoids

Sotiropoulos getting knocked out.

striking,  but when he is forced to fight on his feet he tends to get knocked out.  His glass jaw is his biggest weakness.  Sotiropoulos will need to take the fight to the ground and go for an early submission victory.

Pearson will need to force Sotiropoulos into a striking match.  If he does this all it will take is one clean shot to KO Sotiropoulos.

If this fight goes the distance it could go either way.  This fight is a risky bet as the money line is the same for both fighters at BetOnline at -115.    It is going to be an exciting fight Friday night.

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