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Updated NCAAB Championship Odds

Let’s keep the introduction paragraph short and sweet shall we?  Here is an update of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Odds.

1.  Indiana

Many have questioned whether the Hoosiers truly deserve their status as number one team in the nation and if they are truly as good as their 15/4 odds to win the NCAA Championship.  However, I am of the opinion that if you still believe that Indiana is overrated then you did not watch their game against North Carolina Tar Heels.  The Tar Heels are an excellent team with 25/1 odds of winning the NCAA Championship themselves.  They are also ranked number 14 in the nation.  They are not push overs.

Yet, Indiana ran over the Tar Heels and won the game in a blowout.  The Hoosiers fast paced, high octane style of play seem to catch teams off guard every time they step on the court.

Indiana is still going to be looked down upon due to their schedule as all of their games this season are against teams that are not currently ranked in the five best teams in the nation.  Therefore, people are going to continue to question Indiana all the way to the post season.

2.  Duke

Duke has a well earned 6/1 odds of winning the NCAA Championship.  They are legit contenders for the title.  If you were still skeptical, though, their win over Ohio State last night.  Ohio State is also a contender with 20/1 odds to win the championship and are ranked number four in the nation.  They have also won big games this season against the number 2 Louisville and number 3 Kentucky.  Duke is the most vetted team in the NCAA as far as proving themselves goes.

Things are going to calm down for Duke in December as they play a handful of unranked teams.  However, unlike Indiana, no one will question this teams status as a legit contender for the championship.

3.  Louisville

Louisville has 10/1 odds at winning the NCAA Championship but so does Florida and Kentucky.  I place them ahead of those other teams because they are currently ranked number 2 in the nation and that is for a good reason.

Louisville’s schedule also will keep them on a smooth road and a solid record with their first speed bump of December coming in the form of Kentucky.  Louisville’s record will keep them in the title hunt, but after struggling and barely getting the victory over Illinois State we have to begin to wonder whether or not Louisville is the real deal.

Rounding out the top 10 best odds

4.  Florida – 10/1

5.  Kentucky – 10/1

6.  Michigan – 14/1

7.  Arizona – 15/1

8.  Gonzaga – 20/1

9. Kansas – 20/1

10.  Ohio State – 20/1




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