Updated NCAAB Championship Odds

On paper the changes in Bovada’s updated NCAAB Championship Odds seem minimal.  However, the slightest changes in odds often mean a lot.

Indiana 5/1

Indiana was at the top of the odds earlier this month, and they are still at the top of the heap as far as odds are concerned even after an upset loss to Butler in overtime a few days ago.  Indiana is ranked only number 6 in the nation, but the book keepers at Bovada clearly see something in this team in order for them to continue to sit atop the odds to win the NCAA Championship.

Most expect Indiana to learn from their loss against Butler.  No longer can they ignore the flaws that have yet to haunt them until this game.  Expect Indiana to put their play in perspective and really begin to work on their flaws and only get better from there.

Duke 6/1

The top two teams most likely to win the NCAA Championship remained unchanged.  What did changes was Indiana’s odds.  They moved from an overwhelming favorite to win the Championship with 15/4 odds.  Duke is now right behind Indiana.

Duke is considered number one in the nation both by the AP top 25 and the USA Today Coaches Poll.

Duke’s offense has been amazing. They are 10th in the nation in points per possession.  They are 18th from the three point line.  Duke will need to focus their attention on their defense which leaves a lot to be desired.  They are often out rebounded and rarely force turnovers.  If they are going to remain legit contenders to win the NCAA Championship going forward they will need to improve their defense.

Florida 10/1

Earlier this month it was Louisville that held the number three spot in the odds.  Currently it is Syracuse that holds the number three spot in the nation according to both the AP 25 and the USA Today Coaches Poll.  Bovada, though, has Florida listed as the third place team most likely to take the NCAAB Championship.

Florida is a good basketball team and getting better.   They are team that know how to share the ball and you should expect to see them near the top of the odds for a long time to coming.

Rounding out the Top 10

Kentucky                    12/1

Louisville                    12/1

Michigan                     12/1

Kansas                         14/1

Arizona                       15/1

Syracuse                      15/1

Ohio State                   18/1


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