Updated NFC Playoff Futures

Four teams remain in contention for the 2013 NFC Championship and a trip to the Super Bowl. Who will it be? This weekend we will take one step closer to finding out, but let’s go ahead and use our powers of prediction to figure out which team will stand alone and make you some sweet coin in the meantime. Here’s a look at each of the four contenders and their NFC and Super Bowl odds:

The Niners will have to get past Green Bay before they can think about an NFC title

San Francisco 49ers-11/5 to win NFC, 6/1 to win SB

Odds makers are still giving the Niners plenty of love, but interestingly, they have the best odds to win the NFC, but are tied with Green Bay at 6/1 for the Super Bowl. I suppose odds makers don’t like San Francisco against one of the four AFC foes as much as they like Green Bay against the them. Honestly, I would have to agree. In fact, I don’t even like San Francisco to win the NFC. A first-year starter under center going up against the stiffest competition he’s ever seen in pressure-filled games does not bode particularly well for the Niners. And let’s not forget, if they end up facing Atlanta in the NFC title game, they will be on the road, so as far as the 49ers go, they appear to be overvalued at 11/5 and 6/1. Don’t take it.

Atlanta Falcons-12/5 to win NFC, 7/1 to win SB

Despite being the number one seed with home field throughout, the Falcons slide into the second spot in the NFC, at least odds wise. Along with Seattle, Atlanta has perhaps the most balanced team of those who remain, but the big strike they have against them is their history of ineptitude in the playoffs. In other words, the Falcons are known as a team that chokes and chokes hard. So what’s to stop history from repeating itself? Well, this is the best team Atlanta has had since the “Dirty Bird” era and that team made it to the Super Bowl, and with home field, there’s no doubt this year’s Falcons squad is capable. This is a solid bet, that is if you can get over the whole Atlanta-stinks-come-playoff-time thing.

Green Bay Packers-3/1 to win NFC, 6/1 to win SB

The biggest thing going for the Packers–other than their extremely talented team–is that they have been to the Big Dance most recently out of any of these teams. They have the experience and the firepower on offense to get the job done, but they are a team that has struggled on the defensive side of the ball at times, which makes it tough to pick them to win the whole thing. One bad game offensively and they are likely gone. With that said, they could easily win two more games and if Seattle advances past Atlanta–which it easily could–then Green Bay would have a home game at Lambeau against the Hawks. This would set up a very winnable scenario for the Pack, at least concerning the NFC title game. The Super Bowl is another story. The AFC offenses would likely tear the Pack apart, so I like them at 3/1 to win the conference, but I’m not sure about them winning the whole thing.

Seattle Seahawks-13/4 to win NFC, 7/1 to win SB

The Seahawks are a pretty good value dark horse type pick, although they are getting the same odds to win it all as Atlanta. This is mostly because their road to the Super Bowl would be the same and like Atlanta, I like Seattle’s balance on offense and defense. This team really has it all. Not only are they on a hot winning streak, but they have the running prowess, a turnover-free passing game and one of the best defense in the league. However, they will have to play all their remaining games on the road, and they had their fair share of struggles away from CenturyLink Field during the regular season. Still, I like the Hawks as a low-risk, yet high-reward pick.

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