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Updated Rookie Of The Year Odds

Unsurprisingly, Masahiro Tanaka is currently favored to win the AL Rookie of the Year award.

Unsurprisingly, Masahiro Tanaka is currently favored to win the AL Rookie of the Year award.

Online sportsbook Bovada unveiled its latest Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year odds this week, and they make for some interesting reading.

It’s an award that’s been won by a who’s who of baseball royalty – including Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Lou Piniella, Carlton Fisk, Pete Rose, Cal Ripken, Jr., Darryl Strawberry, Derek Jeter, and Albert Pujols, to name but a few – and ignited the careers of some of the very best. It’s fair game for bettors to take a shot at picking the next winner then.

A year ago Will Myers and José Fernández took home the awards for the American League and National League respectively. Who will follow suit this year?

Jose Abreu's hot start to the years has him contending for the ROTY award.

Jose Abreu’s hot start to the years has him contending for the ROTY award.

American League Rookie of the Year

Masahiro Tanaka (New York Yankees)

14 games | 11-1 | 1.99 ERA | 79 hits | 25 runs | 22 earned runs | 10 home runs | 113 strike outs

Praise for the 25-year-old Japanese sensation continues to roll in as Tanaka is almost single-handedly keeping the Yankee rotation afloat. He’s a heavy favorite now but if the league catches up to him as they see his stuff more often, he could be in for a rough patch. Right now, Tanaka’s the very best of the rookies.

Current odds: 2/5

José Abreu (Chicago White Sox)

57 games | 59 hits | 35 runs | 19 home runs | 51 RBIs | .265 BA | .318 OBP

Were it not for Tanaka’s brilliance on the mount, Abreu would almost certainly be the No. 1 choice in the American League. He’s made headlines with his terrific offensive numbers and helped turned the White Sox into a contender in the AL Central, albeit an outside contender. Currently third in the majors in home runs and sixth in RBIs.

Current odds: 3/1

George Springer (Houston Astros)

53 games | 51 hits | 30 runs | 12 home runs | 36 RBIs | .250 BA | .345 OBP

Playing in Houston, the 24-year-old right fielder isn’t on many people’s radars but his numbers speak for themselves. The Astros may not be the worst team in the AL this season – that accolade belongs to the Tampa Bay Rays – but they certainly see plenty of upside in Springer.

Current odds: 7/1

Xander Bogaerts (Boston Red Sox)

68 games | 70 hits | 35 runs | 6 home runs | 19 RBIs | .278 BA | .362 OBP

After breaking through late last season, Bogaerts is still registering highly on the bookmakers’ radar. With better than a hit per game, the Aruba native is proving to be a vital part of the Red Sox offense as they try to climb back into the picture in the AL East. His consistent play makes him a valuable dark horse.

Current odds: 8/1

Yangervis Solarte (New York Yankees)

62 games | 60 hits | 26 runs | 6 home runs | 28 RBIs | .274 BA | .347 ERA

Coming almost out of nowhere to plug the gap left by the suspended Alex Rodriguez, Solarte has turned into the Yankees’ best infield prospect since Robinson Canó. A reliable defensive presence as much as he is a solid batter, the 26-year-old is certainly a threat to run away with Rookie of the Year honors, although his ultimate success will depend on how well the Yankees fair this year, something that’s still up for debate.

Current odds: 18/1

Nick Castellanos (Detroit Tigers)

60 games | 58 hits | 18 runs | 5 home runs | 25 RBIs | .269 BA | .305 OBP

Plenty like the potential Castellanos brings to the plate offensively, and with almost a hit per game average, he’s certainly got upside for the Tigers. He’s an outsider in terms of ROTY voting simply because the talent listed above really is excelling, while his own potential – which cannot be doubted – has yet to really take off. It only takes a string of good games though.

Current odds: 25/1

A week in the big leagues and Gregory Polanco is favorite to win the NL ROTY award.

After a week in the big leagues and Gregory Polanco is favorite to win the NL ROTY award.

National League Rookie of the Year

Gregory Polanco (Pittsburgh Pirates)

7 games | 13 hits | 6 runs | 1 home run | 5 RBIs | .371 BA | .405 OBP

He’s been in the big leagues little more than a week but 22-year-old Polanco is already riding a wave of expectation. He’s not exactly disappointed either. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Polanco has had an opening week that recalls Yasiel Puig’s introductory run a season ago. The Pirates will be more than happy with that. Is he really the favorite to win ROTY honors? Only time will tell.

Current odds: 5/7

Chris Owings (Arizona Diamondbacks)

67 games | 61 hits | 25 runs | 6 home runs | 19 RBIs | .275 BA | .314 OBP

The struggling Diamondbacks appear to have a diamond in the rough in Owings, who has had a terrific start to the year to go alongside a productive 20-game stint a season ago. His numbers may not be as big as his American League counterparts, but his consistency has been crucial for Arizona. If he stays consistent, and if the NL’s other new recruits fall off the pace, he’ll be a good shout for Rookie of the Year.

Current odds: 2/1

Billy Hamilton (Cincinnati Reds)

64 games | 61 hits| 33 runs | 4 home runs | 18 RBIs | .272 BA | .311 OBP

No, not ‘Sliding Billy’ Hamilton, the Hall of Fame outfielder who plied his trade at the turn of the 20th century. This Billy Hamilton shares something in common with that Billy Hamilton though. The 23-year-old has stolen 28 bases in his young career, a number that ‘Sliding Billy’ – who stole 914 bases in his 14-year career – would have been proud of. Hamilton has hit well also, and is providing the Reds a useful weapon in their bid to climb the NL Central standings.

Current odds: 3/1

Oscar Taveras (St. Louis Cardinals)

11 games | 7 hits | 3 runs | 1 home run | 2 RBIs | .189 BA | .225 OBP

Tavares, who celebrates his 22nd birthday today, briefly flirted with the majors this month, making a two week appearance for the Cardinals and whetting the appetite for more. The native of the Dominican Republic hit a home run in the second plate appearance of his career, and went on to record another six hits in 11 games. While he’s back at Triple-A Memphis right now, if he returns to the majors (soonish), he could play havoc with the oddsmakers.

Current odds: 20/1


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