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Updated World Series Odds

With the MLB season now in full swing the good folks at Bovada have updated the World Series odds.  The odds have been a bit shaken up since the opening odds so lets over analyze the teams with the best odds at winning it all this baseball season.

Detroit Tigers 7/1

The Detroit Tigers have taken over the top spot in the MLB odds.  This despite not having no where near close to the best record in the MLB.

The Tigers are loaded with talent and potential that is why they sit on top of the odds.   However, after a 10-0 loss to the Angles and just a generally rough week for the Tiger we may see their odds fall upon the next update of the odds.

Atlanta Braves 15/2

The Atlanta Braves have the second best odds at winning the World Series.  The Braves 13-4 record speaks for itself.  They are team that is definitely going to be a big contender for the World Series title this season.

Washington Nationals 8/1

The opening odds for the Washington Nationals had them put on top of the odds.  They have since slipped into the third best odds in the MLB.  The Nationals have slipped mainly becasue the Atlanta Braves have taken the top spot in the NL East.  The Nationals are going to have to get on the Braves level if they want a shot at winning the big one.

Los Angeles Dodgers 10/1

The Dodgers still cling to the fourth best odds in the MLB despite a very slow start to the 2013 season.  The Dodgers chances are not going to get any better as they are in a very tough division.  They currently sit in fourth place in their division.

Los Angeles Angels 12/1

With a 6-10 record I am very surprised to see Bovada keeping the Angels this high in the odds.  The Angels had a great season last year.  It was assumed that they would do nothing but improve.  Thus far is looks like things have gotten worse for the Angels.

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