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Upset Alert: Villanova Falls To Georgetown

Anything can happen in college basketball. Case in point, unranked Georgetown dominating No. 4 Villanova.

Georgetown decisively defeated Villanova, 78-58. The loss was Villanova’s second of the season.

The big victory breaks up a string of close wins, as Villanova’s last four games were decided by a combined 17 points.

It was a team effort from Georgetown. Six players scored eight points or more. Isaac Copeland came off the bench to led the group with 17 points. As a hole, the Hoyas shot over 50 percent from the field and the game was all but officially in the books at halftime, as Georgetown held a 22-point lead.

Georgetown as really flown under the radar this season. Even with this win, it is unlikely that we will see Georgetown near the top of the polls. They are, though, third in their conference in points per possession. They have lost five games this season, however, but only one was a decisive loss.

They are playing efficient basketball and sometimes that is enough to make tournament runs but likely is not enough to make them serious national title contenders.

Regardless of what happens in the future this is a big win for Georgetown.

The Wildcats will be ready to put this one behind them. They were similar blownout by an underdog in Creighton last year. They responded by winning six in a row.

The loss also has implication as Villanova attempts to vie for a No. 1 seed in March. However, the Wildcats are still among the top teams in the nation and if they slip from near the top, they will likely fight their way back there.

In other words for Villnova, this loss is an upset but it is not a season-ender. Expect see Villanova to remain a major contender despite the blowout loss.

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