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USC Finally Pulls the Plug on Lane Kiffin’s Employment

It's finally over.

It’s finally over.

The prayers of Trojan fans nationwide were answered on Sunday afternoon when the University of Southern California finally decided to pull the plug on their loathsome head coach Lane Kiffin. The firing comes on the heels of 62-41 loss to Arizona State in which they were blown out, despite putting over 40 points on the board.

With the loss the Trojans dropped to 3-2 overall, with an 0-2 record in the Pac-12. In four seasons with USC, Kiffin’s record was 28-15, with many of the worst losses coming in the last two years, after the surprise success the team enjoyed in 2011. Life after Matt Barkley has obviously been tough to adjust to.

This marked the second consecutive year the Trojans started the season ranked in the AP’s Top 25 before plummeting out. Although it was much worse in 2012—they began the season No. 1, but finished unranked. The first team in almost 50 years to fall so far, so fast.

While it’s hard to imagine Kiffin was completely happy with the university’s decision to terminate his employment, he must be at least a little bit relieved. The anti-Kiffin sentiment has really reached a fever pitch in L.A. the last few weeks—even after their two wins no one had anything positive to say about him.

You had a good run, tent.

Unlike Lane Kiffin, you had a good run, tent.

The “Fire Kiffin” tent outside the Coliseum has been torn down for the final time. Eventually it will be replaced with a “Fire [Insert Name Here]” sign…but whose name will fill in that blank?

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, former Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, who is currently the defensive coordinator for the Broncos, is “expected to emerge as a candidate to replace Kiffin permanently.”

Anyone but Kiffin is going to be music to the ears of USC fans at this point, but considering the unceremonious exits of their last two coaches, the university might want to take their time on this one and try to get it right. Seriously, what’s the hurry?

Let's not do anything rash.

Let’s not do anything rash.

They have no chance to compete for a top-tier bowl, let alone a conference championship. Maybe Del Rio is the right man for the job…or maybe he’s just the first big name they can snag on short notice.

That’s a question worth exploring before doing anything rash.

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