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Utah State Takes On Tennessee

The Tennessee Volunteers used to be a feared name in SEC football, however in recent years they have fallen hard.

The Vols are now entering year two with Butch Jones as coach. Rebuilding Tennessee was not going to happen over night, but everyone is expecting to see some improvements made.

The Vols should roll over Utah State. The Aggies, though, are not to be scoffed at. Quarterback Chuckie Keeton is a talent and this is going to be tough season opener for Tennessee.

Keeton looked like he may establish himself as the most underrated quarterback in college football before going down with an injury. He is back, but finds that he is surrounded by new faces at skill positions. He is really going to have to prove himself this season.

Feeling the most pressure, though, will be Justin Worley. Worley threw 10 touchdowns and eight interceptions last season, but was sidelined in October. All eyes will be on Worley to see if he has improved and what he will be capable of improving UT’s seemingly continual offensive woes.

The Vols replaced their entire offensive line. This new lot has only six starts between them. They will be facing off against Utah State’s also mostly new defensive line. If the Vols O-line doesn’t protect Worley against this line then things could get ugly this season.

Two big questions will be answered during this game. The first pertaining to the Vols: Are the Vols still a team looking toward the future, or are they going to be a team that can make a splash in the here and now.

The second question pertains to Utah State. Can they play with the big boys?

If Utah State wins it will be huge. It will put Keeton in position to make a Heisman run. A loss will mean that Utah State will be regulated in talks about the Mountain West division.

The Vols are the favorites to win this game with -4.5 point spread.

The game starts at 7 p.m. ET. You can watch it on the SEC Network.

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