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Vic Fangio On ‘Thrill’ Of Finishing Career In Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has refuted claims he didn’t have a good relationship with the Miami Dolphins players.

The 65-year-old joins as Eagles DC after Philadelphia muddled through 2023 with Sean Desai and Matt Patricia taking care of defense.

“I didn’t see that at all, really,” Vic Fangio said about his perceived aloofness in his previous role. 

“Anything we do, whether there, here, or anywhere else I’ve been, is what we think is the best for the team and best for the defense, specifically, to stop somebody. Wherever that falls, that’s where it falls.”


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Presumably, Vic Fangio will endeavor to build strong relationships with the Eagles players. He’ll have to if he’s to get his wish of retiring in the same place his career began.

Fangio began coaching as a defensive assistant for the USFL’s Philadelphia Stars in 1984. Now he’s come home, he doesn’t intend to go anywhere.

“Well, it was exactly 40 years ago when I started my pro coaching career across the street at Veterans Stadium, and I thought it would be cool to hopefully end it here,” Fangio said

“So, 40 years later, here I am.

“A lot of things change, and a lot of things don’t. One of the first things I’ve done, several times, I still go to the Philadium down on Packer [Avenue] for my meals, just like I did way back then. Phillies are still playing good. You guys didn’t clobber them for losing one game yesterday, did you? But no, just to come back, my kids live two hours south of here. My mother, who’s 97, lives two hours north of here. So, a lot of family considerations.”


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“I was a big Philly fan growing up in all sports. It was a thrill for me to go to work every day at Veterans Stadium 40 years ago because I used to go to games there all the time. And now it’s a good thrill to come back 40 years later and hopefully finish it out here.”

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