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Von Miller Reportedly Asks For Over $20 Million Per Year

Coming off a Super Bowl MVP season is a point of immense pride for any player, and in the modern NFL, it’s also an express ticket to one doozy of a paycheck. That leverage isn’t lost on Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller, who is reportedly set to demand approximately $22 million per season when his agent and the Broncos begin contract negotiations in July.

Miller has already been franchise tagged by Denver for the 2016 season, but both sides have expressed interest in hammering out a long term deal sooner rather than later.

The exclusive nature of the tag prohibits Miller from entertaining offers of interest from other teams. If the two parties can’t come to an agreement, Miller will be obligated to play out one season for just over $14 million.

With that in mind, Miller’s egregious offer sounds more like he’s kicking the tires than making a fair opening bid at this point, but his consolation prize should end up being right up there with the Joe Flaccos and Aaron Rodgers of the world.

$22 million would realistically be too much of a stretch even for a defensive weapon like Miller, who tore through Pittsburgh’s and New England’s powerhouse offenses with ease in the playoffs, en route to a day of reckoning for Cam Newton and Carolina.

But perhaps Miller’s final contract won’t be so far off the big 2-0 on a team with zero star power at the league’s most well-paid position: quarterback. Miller’s agent cited Olivier Vernon’s multi-year, $17 million/season contract with the Giants as proof that Miller – as the better, more accomplished player – should eclipse even that monstrous figure.

The money may be startling now, but John Elway and Denver must look to the future. Another productive season under merely franchise tag money could see a dozen franchises beating down Von’s door this time next season.

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