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Westbrook Helps the Thunder Keep Rolling Along

When most sports fans think of the Oklahoma City Thunder, one player’s name comes to mind first: Kevin Durant. Rightfully so, as the shooting forward has led the league in scoring for three straight seasons and is leading in scoring once again this season. However, one player who helps keep the Thunder rolling and might not get the amount of credit he deserves is point guard Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook like to live on the edge on the court and that has helped him become one of the league’s most feared guards. His incredible burst of speed helps him separate himself from his opponent. He screams, scowls and mimics, including his imaginary pistols he pulls from holsters after he scores.

Two days ago, Westbrook and his Thunder teammates faced the Los Angeles Clippers in LA and Westbrook took over the game in the waning moments to lead the Thunder to victory.

The Clippers were coming back from 19 points down when Westbrook put his foot down. He blew by two defenders to score a layup. He dished off to forward Serge Ibaka for an open jumper and then Westbrook put the game on ice with a baseline swish from the corner.

Westbrook is averaging 23.4 points a game, which is first among all point guards in the NBA. He is fourth in the league in assists with an average of 7.9 per game. Kobe Bryant the Los Angeles Lakers star said Westbrook helps keep everyone aggressive and intense.

However, as good as his game is, his demeanor can produce unwanted side effects. He has had questionable shot selection at times that has prompted Scott Brooks his coach to sit him on occasion. He has knocked over chairs, water bottle and screamed at teammates, but his teammates know it is all because he just wants to win.

Fans in Denver dislike the Thunder point guard because of antics he pulled against the Denver mascot. When the Thunder returned to play the Nuggets last Friday, the booing rained down on Westbrook. He answered the booing with 38 points, a season high. He said he did not pay attention to the booing, and that is exactly what his teammates said about his antics.

The players seem to think his antics are harmless, just as his unique attire is as well, which includes framed glasses, striped shirts and even Capri pants. Teammates said that Westbrook takes more criticism than anyone does in the NBA, let alone on his own team. However, his teammates were quick to say how well Westbrook handles the criticism. Most said they feel the criticism he faces helps him go out and play better.

Durant said that Westbrook never talks about being the best point guard in the NBA, he just goes out each day and tries to prove it with his incredible play.

If the Thunder expects to make it back to the NBA finals and eventually win a title, they will not only need the scoring of Durant, but the unrelenting energy of Westbrook who comes to play hard each and every game.

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