What’s Up With The Pacers?

There is a lot of talk right now as to what the best teams in the NBA who just fell short this year are going to do come draft time/trade deadline.

The Houston Rockets are looking to create their own Big 3, ‘Melo is likely heading to Chicago and the Miami Heat have had James opt out of his remaining two years freeing up all sorts of cap space that has sent the internet wildly speculating what they will do. However, one team that was once considered the best in the NBA last season has been relatively quite.

The Indiana Pacers held the best win-loss record for much of the season and were at one time the favorites to win the NBA Championship. They made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Championships only to be knocked out by the formidable Miami Heat. One would think that with a few adjustments the Pacers could be major contenders again next year, if not finally win the title that they have come up short of winning the last couple years. The Pacers do not have much room to move, though.

The Indiana Pacers will not be doing much of anything on draft day, at least not until 56 other picks have come and went.

Last year, the Pacers scrambled to put together a championship team, that included trading their No. 27 pick for Luis Scola, a deal that did not work out well for Indiana, as Scola under performed early in the season and by the team the Pacers began to have an offensive meltdown late in the season anything Scola could have done to help would have been rendered moot by his teammates mistakes. This leaves them with a No. 57 pick at the tail end of the second round.

Sure that has not stopped them from testing the waters with some predraft workouts, but nothing looks too promising. In fact, the guys that have tried out are player that many expected to go undrafted

As far as acquiring any major talent, the Pacers do not have a whole lot of cap space and the talent they do have they are likely to hold on to simply by the grace of their contracts.

It looks like the draft and the offseason are going to be uneventful for the Pacers. Larry Bird may have a trick up his sleeve when draft time comes, but it looks doubtful, which means we will be seeing the same Indiana Pacers next year, with the same problems.


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