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Who Will Fill the Void Left By Julian Edelman

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman underwent surgery on Monday for an injured left foot. He is expected to miss a significant amount of time.

Edelman has become a player on the Patriots that cannot be replaced when injured.

Entering Sunday’s game, he was the leading receiver on the team and played 87.7% of the offensive snaps, which was high for any other receiver, a reflection of the how he is part of every package from one-receiver to four-receiver.

One crucial plays, like third downs, it was often Edelman, who was looked to first by Tom Brady. The big question is now what does New England do.

During a Monday morning radio show, Brady said that Keshawn Martin was a solid player for the team and will hopefully return soon from a hamstring problem. Brady added that he also had a great deal of confidence in Danny Amendola and Brandon LaFell, even though Amendola’s role is different than that of Edelman’s said Brady.

Brady called Edelman’s play incredible. He said Amendola has also played very well this season, continuing from where he left off late last season.

It is similar to when Dion Lewis another great player is injured and you find ways to fill the void at running back. Brady summed it by saying the team, starting with the coaches, will find ways to produce with who is available on the field.

Injuries in the NFL like any sport are unfortunate but inevitable. However, teams that are successful finds ways to compensate when players who make big contributions to the team go down injured.

Martin, prior to hurting his hamstring was starting to come on strong for the Pats. Martin was acquired from Houston in a trade September 17. He has not played in four games and has just 6 receptions, 95 yards and a touchdown in his three games as a Patriot.

In his last game on October 18, Martin played on 50 snaps while Edelman was in for 51 and Amendola just 36.

Most likely, the Patriots will use a combination of Amendola and Martin with LaFell the No. 1 outside target for the Pats. Aaron Dobson will be No. 4 to backup either Martin or Amendola.

Brady did say he was upset about losing Edelman calling it terrible for his teammate.

A seamless change is impossible when such a great player goes down injured since the player is just too good to replace with someone who has spent more to on the bench than on the field.

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