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Who Will Win the AFC East?

This seems like an easy question.  The AFC East usually is not a highly contested division.  The New England Patriots normally take the AFC East every year.  At this moment, however none of the AFC East team has a clear edge.  All four teams are tied in the division with 3-3 records.  Two questions must be asked going forward.  First, which teams will get a win this Sunday and pull ahead of the pack.  The second question is which team has the best odds at taking the division.

One team that I can guarantee you will not pull ahead this week is the Miami Dolphins.  I can 100 percent guarantee this because they are in a bye week.  Their record will remain 3-3 going into Week 8.

The Buffalo Bills take on the Tennessee Titans this Sunday.  This will be a very interesting game.    The Titans are going to be riding a lot of momentum in the game as they are coming off a huge win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This huge win was not enough to for the book keepers over at Bovada as they still peg the Titans as the underdog in this game.

The Bills are the favorites with a -3 point spread.  Things will become very interesting in the AFC East on Sunday if the Bills manage to lose to the Titans though.

Let’s say hypothetically the Bills lose and fall to 3-4.  That means when the New York Jets and the New England Patriots clash later that day it will be a game that is played for the top spot in the AFC East division.

Photo from Jets versus Eagles. The Jets are really going to have to step it up if they want a shot at beating the Patriots.

The Jets are coming off an enormous 35-9 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.  The Patriots, on the other hand, are going into their game against the Jets on Sunday trying to put behind them a disappointing one point loss against the Seattle Seahawks.  Both these team will want to win this game as it could give them the top spot in the AFC East.

The books over at Bovada has the Patriots as the clear favorites to win this game.  They have a -11 point spread.  The Jets are the overwhelming underdogs in this game.

To answer the second question, who will win the AFC East after it is all said and done, the Patriots also have a huge edge.  The monyline for betting on who will win the AFC East puts the Patriots as the clear favorite to win with a moneyline of -400.  For the sake of compairison the Jets moneyline sits at +1200 putting them as the big underdog in the division.  The Dolphins is +600 and The Bills moneyline is +800.

Expect the Patriots to begin to pull away from their AFC East competitors in the coming weeks.


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