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Why Phoenix Should Not Sign Monroe

The Phoenix Suns play an up tempo offense where the more shots that they throw at the basket the better off they feel. To make that type of offense work you need a strong inside game to grab defense rebounds off the glass to start the break.

The Suns have money to spread during this summer and a big man some fell would be good for the Suns to go after would be Greg Monroe a restricted free agent with the Detroit Pistons.

Depending upon whom you talk to Monroe is a perfect fit for Phoenix or is just the opposite. Phoenix however is looking to get good value for their money and Monroe and his agent is looking cashing in on the free agent market. His agent has said since February that Monroe’s price is a max contract. Even though there have not been teams banging down Monroe’s door the demand for a max contract still stands.

Many league executives, agents and scouts have said over the last year they do not consider Monroe to be a max contract player, but that does not mean to say he is not loaded with talent.

At 6-foot-11 and 250 pounds, he is a big force down low, active on the post and relentless on the boards.

He was not given a good hand when he was put alongside Josh Smith this past season. Smith makes the floor smaller, but Monroe still managed to score 15 points and grab 9 boards a game for the third consecutive season.

Only five other players – DeMarcus Cousins, Al Jefferson, David Lee, Dwight Howard and Kevin Love – have those current three-year numbers.

Monroe is an excellent passer, but last season was not able to show that part of his game that often.

Although he has great strengths, it might be his weaknesses that are keeping the Suns from offering him a contract.

Nearly all of Monroe’s scoring is from at the rim range. Half of is 1,000-plus attempts from the field last season were within three feet of the rim. Only 15% of his shots were taken from 10 or more feet from the hoop.

Both Eric Bledsoe, if he re-sign with Phoenix, and Goran Dragic drive the lane repeatedly during games and the area they have would shrink if Monroe were on the floor.

Monroe has not been effective off the pick and roll and 20% of the offensive plays during last season for the Suns were pick and rolls.

Monroe needs to play a controlled tempo that allows him to establish himself down low. On the other hand, the Suns played at the eighth fast pace in the NBA last season and were winners of 48 games playing that way.

If Monroe were to sign with Phoenix, the team would have to either pull back on its strength or play where his game is the weakest.

To be a true contender, the Suns need additional pieces to their puzzle but their collection of athletes and talent suggests Monroe might not be the place to spend their money.

They will be receiving draft picks in the first round from the Lakers and Timberwolves next summer.

Monroe has very good value for some NBA team, only that team is not Phoenix.

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