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Will Levis ‘Has To Do It In His Own Way’ – Callahan

Tennessee Titans head coach Brian Callahan says Will Levis has to play quarterback in a way that’s natural to him.

Callahan, Tennessee’s new head coach, has anointed Will Levis as the starting quarterback. Levis showed flashes of his talent last season, such as his four-touchdown game against Atlanta.

He still needs to learn how to be a starting quarterback, though. Callahan believes Will Levis has the necessary determination to rise to the challenge.


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“I want Will to be him,” Callahan said. “He’s gotta do it in his own way. You can’t make people do anything that’s outside of their character or it doesn’t come across as genuine. I think Will does a really good job of staying true to who he is.

“I need Will to just be the best version of himself and he’s got a job to do as the leader of the offense as the leader of the football team. And I think he understands that.

“He has two things going on,” Callahan said.

“He’s trying to build relationships and be a leader, as well as learn an entirely new way of doing and playing football than he’s been accustomed to in his first year. He’s got a lot on his plate.

“I’ve been very pleased with his demeanor, his actions as he’s started the offseason program,” Callahan added. 

“And again, we’re in our first few days, but really excited about where he’s headed in that role.”


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“He’s very determined to improve his game,” Callahan said. “You have that part, you gotta chance to do a lot of really cool things. But I’ve seen that from him in this early portion. He’s front and center, he takes notes, he asks questions. He does all the things you’d want to see early in the process of a guy that’s trying to improve his game and get better.”

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