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Yoenis Cespedes Hearing Chatter about MVP

Talk about Yoenis Cespedes being a MVP candidate likely is farfetched. To start with, he has played only 25% of the games this season for the New York Mets. Now do you win an MVP award in the National League after playing some many games of the season in the American League?

As awesome as the Cuban star has played since moving to New York from Detroit, Bryce Harper the Washington outfielder has a better hitting line over the full season.

The best player however does not always win the MVP, as the awards is a combination of stats, memorable moments, if the player’s team reaches the postseason and narrative.

That is why the call by Mets fans of MVP, MVP when Cespedes arrives at the plate might not be as farfetched as some would think.

He has helped to turn around the offense of the Mets.

Through the end of July, New York averaged 3.54 runs a game, which at the time was worst in baseball. Since the arrival of Cespedes on August 1, the Mets are averaging 6.14 runs a game, which is tops in the majors. That is a turnaround of 2.60 runs per nine innings, which is dramatic to say the least.

He also has had a few good moments in just the last two nights. The Mets rallied late to beat Washington and sweep the Nationals increasing their lead to 7 games in the NL East.

Cespedes hit a three run double on Tuesday and a home run on Wednesday to put the Mets ahead in the eighth.

Not since 2008 has a player, who played for a team that did not reach the postseason, be named MVP. That was the year Albert Pujols won it but his Cardinals did not make the postseason.

Harper’s numbers might be enough to get him the title, as it is likely the Nationals will not reach the postseason. He added to them on Wednesday by hitting two home runs and scoring all three of Washington’s runs. However, it was Cespedes’ home run that will be remembered.

Joey Votto and Paul Goldschmidt are high on the short list of possible MVP candidates and then consider Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke the two spectacular pitchers carrying the Dodgers.

When looking over all the possibilities, the biggest obstacle for Cespedes to win the MVP is Bryce Harper, with the second being the amount of time he has been in a Mets uniform.

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