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Ivy League Picks

Ivy League Picks isn’t your traditional sports service. You won’t find any ridiculous claims on their website telling you how great they are, nor will you find a bunch of clutter on the home page. What you will find is the 30-day record of Chris Sharp, the founder of Ivy League Picks, along with the 120-day free play record, so you can see how each has done recently. You do need to register for a free account to receive the free plays.

There aren’t the usual sports service ads for Games of the Month or Games of the Year and instead, Ivy League Picks uses its past record as its primary selling point. Since Ivy League Picks only sells its selections, you don’t have wade through a bunch of claims from numerous touts explaining why you should buy their selections for the day. Losses are displayed just as prominently as wins, which makes Ivy League Picks a bit different than the majority of its competitors, who have a tendency to only mention winning selections.

The prices are definitely reasonable for those looking for a sports service and range from $8 a day to $1,000 for a year. There are also weekly and monthly packages available and all customers receive the same plays, so there are not the different clubs and price structures used by many services.

The website is extremely clean and free of the ads that dominate the majority of sports service sites. You can quickly get to where you want to go and find what you’re looking for. After visiting the sites of most handicappers, Ivy League Picks is a refreshing change.

There are some definite positives when looking at Ivy League Picks, such as complete transparency and the low cost of selections. It’s clear that the company is looking for long-term relationships with customers and is not out to simply make a quick dollar. Those looking for a sports service will definitely want to check out Ivy League Picks.

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