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Goodell Has a Likeability Problem, 49ers Staying at Lucky NOLA Hotel and Lewis to Return in 2013?

With less than a week remaining of the 2012 NFL season, it’s only fair to include as many football stories as possible this week. One that is not likely to change anytime soon is the 61 percent disapproval rating of NFL players for league commissioner Roger Goodell’s performance.

Both Super Bowl teams have arrived in New Orleans and now there’s plenty of time for practices, media briefings and fun in the Big Easy. Fortunately for the San Francisco 49ers, they are staying at the a downtown New Orleans hotel that has brought previous football teams the big win.

Will it work for them?

And while Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has said he’ll retire this season, his teammate Ed Reeds disagrees.

Goodell Has 39 Percent Approval Rating

In a recent USA Today poll, 300 players from active rosters and practice squads had been polled from Dec. 19 to Jan. 12 (margin of error +/-5) and gave a 61 percent response disapproving of the overall job Goodell has done. What were the causes for the low ratings? Rising fines for players from dangerous hits made on wide receivers and quarterbacks and a perception regarding the Bountygate investigation by the commission.

What about the 39 percent thumbs-up rating? Players cited Goodell’s role in rising the NFL as the most popular game in U.S. sports and regardless of who holds this position, it is a thankless job.

Players can respond anonymously but some did not and this included Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. He said of the commissioner, “Anyone who has that position, who’s trying to protect the league and what it stands for, is going to run into controversy. There are always going to be positives and negatives that go with it, but I know that Roger in his heart has the best interests of the league. … If you’re appeasing everybody, you might not be doing the job well.”

Keep in mind, it is the owners who hire Goodell and he has shown he’s on their side thanks to the lockout, increasing concerns over repetitive head trauma effects, rising fines, Bountygate rulings and HGH testing, (yet to be agreed upon).

49ers Pick A Winning Hotel

The Lucky Mariott Hotel in New Orleans

We all now athletes are superstitious but what about a lucky hotel to stay in to win the big game?

According to The Times-Picayune, with college teams staying at the New Orleans Marriott on Canal over the past two years, wins have all come their way.

For this season, Louisville won the Allstate Sugar Bowl and the University of Louisiana-Lafayette (ULL) was victorious at the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl.

Last year, ULL won the New Orleans Bowl; Michigan found success at the Sugar Bowl and Alabama took home the BCS championship win. All stayed at the Marriott.

Ok, there’s not prior Super Bowl success stories at the Marriott but for the 49ers, they are camped out at the venue for the week. And there’s some odds already in their favor for Sunday

Team to make most successful 3 point Field Goals in the game?  49ers (Most Field Goals)  -130 vs. Ravens  Even

Team to Score First in the Game? Baltimore Ravens (Score First)  Even vs. San Francisco 49ers (Score First)  -130

Team to Score First Wins Game?  Yes (Score First wins game)  -180     (5/9)

Reed Thinks Lewis Could Play in 2013

Ravens LB Ray Lewis

Perhaps showing some wishful thinking, Ravens safety Ed Reed said to reporters on Monday in New Orleans to not  be “so sure” that the Super Bowl will be Lewis’ last game. He then taunted, “Maybe he’ll play 10 games next year.”

As for Lewis, he’s supposedly ready to launch his broadcasting career with ESPN and usher in the next Lewis generation of football players, Ray Lewis, III, at Miami in 2013.

For his likely last game, Lewis’ total tackles and assists is an 11 1/2 (o/u).

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