Kliff Kingsbury, NFL

Kliff Kingsbury on Oklahoma job: ‘I don’t get into those things’

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury was asked about ESPN’s report that Oklahoma has targeted him as a possible coaching candidate Monday but deflected the question.

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“I don’t get into those things,” Kingsbury said, per ESPN. “My sole focus the last couple weeks has been the Chicago Bears and, after watching them on Thanksgiving, it needs to be, because they’re a really good football team and had a big win, and so that’s where my focus has been.”


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Kliff Kingsbury was pushed again on the topic and asked why he didn’t just outright deny he would consider the Oklahoma coaching position. Again, he wouldn’t give a concrete answer.

“We’re in-season, we’re 9–2,” he said. “Just not a topic I want to touch on right now.”

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