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Race for the #1 NFL Draft Pick

While most teams are focused on the race for the postseason in their respective divisions and conferences, there is a number of NFL squads that can only hope to win another race, and that’s for the first overall pick in next year’s draft. Although, these teams presumably won’t be trying to lose intentionally, it’s safe to say they would be more than happy to have dibs on the best player coming out of college next season. Here are the teams in the running and which ones appear most likely to nab that coveted pick.

It's been a nightmare season for Philly fans, but could it be a blessing in disguise?

Philadelphia Eagles-3-9

Remaining Schedule-TB, CIN, WSH, NYG

Losers of eight games in a row and without a legitimate starting quarterback, the Eagles could definitely be on their way to landing the number one pick. And when you look at their remaining schedule, you can see that they don’t have an easy game left on it, as none of the four teams have sub .500 records at the moment. If the Eagles finish 3-13, it may be good enough (or bad enough) to win the first pick.

Carolina Panthers-3-9

Remaining Schedule-ATL, SD, OAK, NO

Considering many thought the Panthers could be a dark horse playoff contender this season, 2012 has been incredibly disappointing for Carolina fans, but on the bright side, it looks like they’ll get a good draft pick out of their misery. However, they do have a couple of winnable games on their remaining schedule and they could be the best 3-9 team in the league right now, considering all the close games they’ve barely let slip away this season. I wouldn’t consider them the favorite to get the pick, but they are certainly in the running.

Kansas City Chiefs-2-10

Remaining Schedule-CLE, OAK, IND, DEN

The Chiefs have been the frontrunner for the first pick as the team with the league’s worst record for the majority of the season, but new starting QB Brady Quinn has provided them with a bit of a lift, as they won last week against Carolina. They also have two very winnable games coming up against the Browns and the Raiders, so they may be able to finish with four wins, which would certainly not earn them the top pick. I would say currently, the Chiefs are not the favorite for the top draft pick sweepstakes, but they do have good odds.

Oakland Raiders-3-9

Remaining Schedule-DEN, KC, CAR, SD

Oakland is another team that has gotten worse as the season has gone along. The Raiders are currently on a five-game skid, where four of the losses have come by a margin of 10 or more. Oakland could make a charge, or rather slide, into the number one draft pick slot with a miserable finish, but looking at its schedule, it appears the Raiders could and should win at least one of those games, which would be enough to avoid ending with the worst record.

It's been a rough year for the Jags, but could it end rougher?

Jacksonville Jaguars-2-10

Remaining Schedule-NYJ, MIA, NE, TEN

At 2-10 the Jags have a great shot to secure the first draft pick, but they have home game this weekend against an out-of-sorts Jets squad that they may win. Then they have winnable dates against the Dolphins and the Titans at the end of the season. I think the Jags will end the year with at least three wins, maybe four, and at this point, that’s probably not what their fans would want.

Here is where I think the contenders will end up:

Ranking The Top 5

1. Eagles 3-13

2. Jaguars 4-12

3. Chiefs 4-12

4. Raiders 4-12

5. Panthers 5-11


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