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Russell Wilson Ranks Among the Best All Time Rookie Quarterbacks

The Seattle Seahawks have become in the minds of many, the dark horse to walk away with the Vince Lombardi Trophy next February. The Seahawks are one of the top teams offensively heading into the last game of the regular season. With a playoff berth already clinched, the Seahawks will try to end their regular season with a win, which would give them a chance to win their division, if San Francisco loses.

Russell Wilson had become the focal point of the Seattle offense. The rookie quarterback was drafted by Seattle as the 75th overall pick. Since being drafted, Wilson has enjoyed one of the best seasons by a rookie quarterback in NFL history.

Only five quarterback have every thrown for more than 20 touchdowns during their rookie season if they were not drafted in the first round. Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals is the most recent example. Thus far, after 15 regular season games have been completed. Wilson is completing 63% of his passes. He has 2,868 yards through the air, 25 touchdown passes, 10 interceptions, 431 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns on the ground.

The coaching staff at Seattle, led by Pete Carroll the head coach has molded the offensive game plan around the talents Wilson possesses not what they hope he can do. Thanks to that, the Seahawks have one of the most lethal offenses in the league.

Wilson is having one of the best single seasons in the history of the Seahawks franchise. As far as wins, only Matt Hasselbeck who had 13 in 2005 and David Krieg with 12 in 1884 have won more than the 10 games Wilson has this season. Wilson is third in completion percentage in franchise history behind Krieg and Hasselbeck.

Wilson is fifth overall in franchise history in touchdown passes with 25 thus far in the season. Krieg leads the way with 32 and Hasselbeck has 28. With three touchdown passes in his final regular season game, he could move into second overall.

Wilson had been sacked just a few times this season thanks to his natural elusiveness. This season opposing defenses have sacked the Seahawks quarterback 27 times over the course of his 374 passing attempts. In 1983, Krieg only attempted 243 passes and was sacked a total of 38 times.

The bottom line is that Wilson has played much better than his coaches expected and his shown the poise and decision making of a quarterback 5 to 10 years older.

Only a handful of quarterbacks have enjoyed rookie seasons like Wilson has and they include Robert Griffin III this season, Dan Marion, Cam Newton, Jim Kelly and Ben Roethlisberger.

Let us just see how the rookie does once he enters the win or go home phase of the football season starting next week when the playoffs roll around.


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