This Week In Fail

It has been seven days since my last review of failures in the world of sports and a lot has happened in those seven days.  By  a lot I mean a lot of sports teams and players have failed in various ways and it is now time to point and laugh at them a bit.

New York Yankees

My favorite part about the Yankees getting swept by the Detroit Tigers is the never ending parade of excuses that Yankees fans give for their team’s failure.

My favorite among these excuses is the Derek Jeter was out for the series and the other variants of this excuse.  For one Jeter was not carrying this team on his back.

One of the main vaiations of the Jeter excuse is that Jeter’s injury hurt the momentum of the Yankees.  Yes, the mystical momentum that through the use of magical prowess was going to carry the Yankees to the World Series until Jeter’s injury scared all the momentum away.

The Yankees got swept and they got swept hard.  They could barely even defend themselves it seemed against the San Francisco Giants.

The biggest fail in this though comes way of all the betters the Yankees disappointed by losing this series in four games.  Those who bet on the Yanks lost a lot of money on what they though was a safe gamble.  They were favorites after all.


Another week has passed and there is still no NHL hockey to bet on.  The two sides still are slap fighting over money.  This week the NHL has refused to meet with the NHL Player’s Union unless the union agrees to work off of NHL’s last offer made.  Because that is how you negotiate, you tell someone that they can negotiate on issues as long as it is written on this piece of paper.

Titans and Bills Defense

The Tennessee Titans beat the spread and defeated the Buffalo Bills in a high scoring game that had a combined score of 69 points.  The final score was 35-34.  The real story from this game, though, is how bad the Titans and Bills defense were.  Both teams had no trouble moving the ball down field.  Christ Johnson was running like a player on N64’s NFL Blitz and both team’s quarterback’s destroyed the opposing team’s secondary.

The Titans may have won this game but we can clearly see that their is some problems on the defensive side of the ball that are going to cause them to fail this season if they do not step it up.  The same can be said of the Bills defense minus the winning part.

Texas A&M’s Last Play against LSU

The Play

I’ll give Texas A&M some credit for this last minuet play, but in the end it did fail.  It was very entertain to watch though and found myself hoping that it worked despite not being a big A&M fan.  The play failed but no one can deny Texas A&M’s determination to keep that play and the win alive.

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