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This Week in Fail

We again find ourselves ready a week removed from my previous fail list and it is time for a new this week in fail, a Halloween edition no less.

This past week we have seen some historic failures in sports so let’s not waste anymore time with an introductory paragraph and get straight into the meat of this thing.

Detroit Tigers

After fighting as hard as they could to get into the post season the Detroit Tigers lost it all in the big one.  They literally lost it all.  They became the 21st team to get swept in a World Series.  They could barely muster up runs during the series only scoring six runs during the four games played.  I’m not sure if the Giants are that scary good or if the Tigers simply choked.

The Tigers should not worry too much.  Bovada’s odds have them as the team most likely to take the World Series next year at 15/2.  Until then it was a disappointing end to a great post season run

What The Tigers Should Be for Halloween:

Harmless Tigger.

LA Lakers

What do you do after you assemble some of the greatest players in the NBA together on one team?  You lose to a team that is missing three of their best players due to injury.

The new and supposedly improved LA Lakers had an underwhelming debut against the Dallas Mavericks.  The Mavericks cruised to an easy 99-91 victory against what was suppose to be the beginning of a new Lakers dynasty.  This Lakers team had a lot of hype and most expected them to start living up to it on day one.  They still have a lot of time to grow their chemistry, but watching that game was like watching a Michael Bay movie, a lot of hype, followed by a lot of disappointment.  The most disappointed people, though, are those who bet on this game thinking the Lakers were a sure thing to win it.

What They Should Be For Halloween:

Sad Looking Avengers

Cam Newton

Forty-eight points over their past three games is the second-lowest three-game stretch with Cam Newton.   Newton has led the Carolina Panthers to a 1-6 record.  This was a team that was suppose to be a Super Bowl contender this yer.  What is going on? Where is the explosive quarterback we all remember from last season?  Can we have him back please.

What he should be for Halloween:

Cam Newton From Last Year


There is still no NHL to bet on!  It looks as though they are going to actually cancel the Winter Classic as early as tomorrow!

What the NHL (players and owners) Should Be For Halloween:

Invisible Pedestrian



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