This Week in Fail

The last week has seen some pretty great moments in sports.  Unfortunately, there have also been those not so great moments.  It is time once again to run down this week in fail.

Matt Ryan

The Atlanta Falcons should have picked up an easy victory over the Arizona Cardinals.  The Falcons had the best win-loss record in the NFL 8-1 and they were going up against a mediocre 4-5 team.   Instead the Falcons scared everyone who thought they were a safe bet this week by  just squeaking by with a win 19-23.  The back bone of the Falcons success, Matt Ryan, could not get anything going offensively against the Cardinals defense.

To say that Ryan struggled is putting it nicely.  He had one of the worst games of his life.  Seriously, he probably threw better games in pee wee football.  He threw a career high 5 interceptions.  The only thing I can think of is that both the Falcons and Cardinals have red on their uniforms and he got confused.

University of Tennessee

Do you remember when UT was a football school?

Well they still are they just are a terrible one.  It seems the days of producing such top notch quarterbacks as Peyton Manning may behind UT if it does not do something soon.

They have fired Derek Dooley this week after the Volunteers suffered an embarrassing loss to their neighborhood rivals Vanderbilt.  Dooley was honestly lucky he stayed around as long as he did considering if you drop two or three games in the SEC most coaches would have already been on the chopping block.

UT needs to pick up a new head coach and renew their attention on recruitment if they want to have a return to their glory days of being an SEC contender.

Jeremy Lin

LinSanity has seemed to all but be subdued into a state of LinQuility.  You see what I did there?  I still love those and think the media should bring that back.

Jeremy Lin has played well enough, though I doubt the Houston Rockets feel he is completely earning his paycheck playing number two to James Harden. When the Rockets played the LA Lakers, however, Lin’s playing tanked.  Lin had 10 assists during the game, but shot for a terrible 2 for 9 from the floor and only garnered five points.  Lin needs to step up and earn that pay check.


Hey, do you guys remember when hockey was a things and we could bet yet?  Yeah, those were good times.

We still have no hockey as one group of guys who have Scrooge McDuck type of money argue with another group of guys who get paid to play a child’s game over how much they should get paid.  I am not trying to minimize the importance of the situation, of course.  I’m just frustrated we still have no hockey.

The Players’ Association will meet with owners again today.  I agree that this meeting will be like previous meetings and they will agree that they do not agree on anything and then everyone will go home with no hockey.

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