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This week in fail

There was not too much failure around the sports world this week.  Teams that normally make it on this list have began to step up (i.e. the Lakers).  Over in the NFL teams are starting to play with their eye on the post season and are really stepping up.  However, their were a couple of teams that fell pretty hard over the week.  Their will never be a week completely void of fail.  So let us take a look at some of the failures of the week, the majority of which come from the NFL.

New York Jets

At what point do you do something about your team failing?

The Jets are not going to have a post season so it is time to officially put your confidence behind one quarterback or another.  Stop teasing your fans with Tim Tebow and make Sanchez your official quarterback and deactivate and eventually trade Tebow.  He is not worth the controversy, and it is a distraction to actually playing football.

How far the Jets have fallen became evident on Thanksgiving when they were humiliated and toyed with by the New England Patriots.  These two teams are officially former rivals could hardly be called rivals anymore as that implies one team can hang with the other.  The Patriots squashed the Jets 49-19 and yet the Jets are still parading around as if everything is okay.  It is time to make some drastic changes over in the Jets ball club and get some descent games in before the end of the season to prove you can still do anything.

When you are the point that your unofficial mascot and super fan Fireman Ed steps down you should really reevaluate the decisions you are making.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers helped the Cleveland Browns move to 3-8 after losing 14-20.  The Steelers turned over the ball a whopping eight times in the loss.  Here is a list of those who turned the ball over:


Rashard Mendenhall,

Isaac Redman

Jonathan Dwyer

Chris Rainey

Emmanuel Sanders

Charlie Batch, who is covering for the injured Ben Roethlisberger, has three interceptions.

It is almost like the Steelers were playing for the Browns in the game and did everything in their power to lose.  If they were playing a better team this one would have been even uglier, but I think Rotherlisberger’s face on the side line tells the whole story:

Whoever controls the sprinkle system in Miami

Late in the third quarter in a very intense and close game between the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks with the Dolphins up by a possession 7-14, things got cooled off.  The sprinkle system interrupted the game.  Yes, just like in that lame Buffalo Wild Wings commercial.

Honorable Mentions

  • Still no NHL to bet on…
  • Green Bay Packers dropped a game to the New York Giants.  What went wrong?  Aaron Rodgers is the only person on the team who can play effective football and when they play a competent team bad things tend to happen.
  • The Florida Gators got snubbed by the BCS despite being listed as the number two team in the nation according to the computer calculations.
  • Carlos Boozer is still a starter for the Chicago Bulls for some reason.  Boozer averages less than 10 points a game and rarely gets in a block.  Just saying…


  • 100%