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Vick Is Still the Answer?


If it wasn’t clear after the first half of the NFL season, Michael Vick is not the answer.  Still, the Philadelphia Eagles continue onward with their 100-million dollar man under center.

According to the Associated Press, head coach Andy Reid will stick with Vick in Monday Night Football’s clash against the New Orleans Saints.


Who knows.

With expectations mounting, Philadelphia (3-4) has been exceptionally bad this year.  They currently hold a three-game losing streak after Sunday’s 30-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.  The defeat put Vick’s future at the play-caller position in jeopardy, and while Vick said he would support any decision Reid made as his next starting quarterback, it appears there will be no change…for now.

Though, Vick might not be the butt of all problems.  In Sunday’s defeat to Atlanta, Philadelphia’s defense struggled mightily, allowing scores on the first six Falcon possessions.  In reaction, the Eagles had to play under a different mindset, one which abandoned the running game calling for 42 drop backs (Vick ran on seven of them).  The gameplan saw his season average completion percentage (68 percent) dip six points, as he went 21-for-35.

Also, injuries have mounted in the past few weeks.  The Eagles have already lost All-Pro left tackle Jason Peters and center Jason Kelce.  The losses to the line has crippled its offensive, leaving Vick for his life in the pocket.

For the season, the 32-year-old Vick has tallied a 78.6 passing percentage, which ranks him 25th overall.  But with a team stacked with talent, Philadelphia fans are beginning to lose faith.

Nick Foles, a third-round pick out of Arizona, could take over for vick if he continues to struggle.  However, Foles has yet to take a regular season NFL snap and slotting him during a national broadcasted game might be cause for concern.

But if it wasn’t clear, the Eagles need to shake things up, and slotting in Foles could very well be the answer.  He made waves as an efficient quarterback in the four preseason games (granted it was against fourth-stringers and undrafted players who probably didn’t make it to an NFL roster) and the Eagles are running out of chances to turn things around.  Their season might very well weigh in the balance against Drew Brees and Saints and it could be Vick’s last chance as the starting quarterback for the season.

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