College basketball is a fantastic sport. The rivalries, the mascots, the cheerleaders, the bands, and the great games make this one of America’s favorite sports. There is nothing like the month of March. Every game is a must win. The NCAA Tournament is one of the most widely followed events of the spots year. So many people have pools and wagers on games that it is probably the biggest money exchanging events on the sports calendar.
Beware of betting on college basketball however, it is very challenging. Points are scored so frequently that the game is never “in the bag” until the final horn sounds. For example in the NCAA Tournament, Gonzaga was +7 against Ohio State on many sites. With a few seconds left Gonzaga was down by 5 and had the ball. No problem right? Wrong. The Zags missed a shot with a few seconds left and an Ohio State player grabbed the rebound. He was fouled with 0.1 left on the clock. He then went to the free throw line, sank two free throws and Gonzaga lost by, you guessed it, 7 points. That’s how quickly you can go from winner to a push or even a loss.
When betting on hoops, a smart way to go is to make your initial deposit, whether it’s $100.00 or $500.00, whatever, and if you win at first, withdraw that money and play with your winnings.
That way when you lose, and you will lose, you still have your original deposit. If you don’t win right way and you lose your initial deposit consider moving on to another sport. Because betting on basketball is almost like a coin flip.