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2020 NFL Season in Jeopardy as Coronavirus Disruptions Mount

The NFL is doing all it can to ensure that the 2020 regular season starts on time. However, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the NFL may be fighting a losing battle.

Via the Washington Post, offseason programs for players won’t begin in July as usual, if they are held at all. 

While the NFL is “guardedly optimistic” that there will be a regular season, it is “increasingly pessimistic about salvaging any of teams’ offseason programs for players.”

As well as that, the 2020 Draft in Las Vegas, will go ahead without the fans in attendance. The annual league meeting has been postponed, and all physical examinations for players have been indefinitely discontinued. 


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“Our primary concern is to protect the health of the public, players, club and league employees while continuing the essential business of preparing for another exciting season,” NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said. 

“We continue to plan for offseason programs and training camps. We will be prepared to make any changes necessary if circumstances warrant as led by medical experts and public authorities.”

Free agency was managed by going remote and limiting travel. In the light of physicals being stopped, the league has amended its bylaws. It will now allow players to sign for teams without a physical. All of this solves administrative problems. However, it doesn’t solve the problem that teams and players will be unprepared to play come September 5.


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NFL Physicians Society President Dr. Anthony Casolaro said that medical resources should be prioritized for those in need.

“The NFLPS has agreed to discontinue Combine rechecks, free agent physicals and physicals for non-Combine players until the health crisis has passed,” Casolaro said. 

“We believe It is not in the interest of the players nor team medical staff to continue to perform these physicals.

“At a time of the most serious pandemic in our lifetime, we believe medical resources should focus on those who are ill or in need of care.

“We look forward to examining players when it is appropriate to do so.”

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