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Aaron Boone May Adjust Lineup for Stanton

As the struggles of Giancarlo Stanton continue at Yankee Stadium, his manager Aaron Boone spoke to reporters on Tuesday. He is considering moving his slugger down in the team’s batting order as a way to get Stanton “locked-in.”

Boone said he may split up different guys. Although he did not want to move Stanton too low in the batting order.

In each of the 16 games the Yankees have played Giancarlo Stanton has been third in the batting order. This also includes Tuesday’s 9-1 loss to the Miami Marlins, Stanton’s former club.


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In Stanton’s eight home games this season, he is hitting a horrific 3-for-35 or .086 and has struck out 20 times. 20 strikeouts is the most for any hitter over his first eight home games since modern baseball started in 1900.

In 2010, while debuting with the Marlins, Stanton struck out 17 times during his first eight games. This is second on the strike out list. Only another three players have suffered through that feat since the start of the 2002 season.

On Tuesday Stanton had two strikeouts. He was booed loudly after each one by Yankees fans who are growing more and more frustrated with him.

Away from Yankee Stadium, Stanton has been far better. He’s hitting .323 with 10 hits in 31 at bats including three doubles and seven runs batted in across eight games.

When asked if he had an answer for why he had such a statistical difference between home and the road, Stanton simply replied, “No.”

On Thursday, the Yankees begin a four-game series at home against the Toronto and Boone could make changes to the batting order. Boone said changes that come in the series would depend on how the pitching matchups are made by Toronto.


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The Blue Jays have Aaron Sanchez, Marco Estrada followed by Marcus Stroman scheduled as starters in the series’ first three games.

The Yankees manager said he might change the top five to six spots in his batting order, but is unlikely to move his slugger down to the lower tier of the final three hitters in the lineup.

Boone does not want Stanton to find his groove and then get pitched around due to being too far down in the batting order.

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