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Aaron Donald: Rams Youngsters ‘Have To Step Up’

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald is returning to a much-changed roster after missing the end of last season.

Jalen Ramsey, Bobby Wagner and Leonard Floyd have all departed the Rams for pastures new. Los Angeles ran out of steam after winning the Super Bowl – predictable, considering how hard they pushed for it.

Now, Aaron Donald returns to a younger roster and something of a rebuild with no intention of retiring. 


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“It’s going to be different — you just said a bunch of different playmaker’s names,” Aaron Donald said. 

“Obviously, you wish you could play with them my whole career, but it’s not like that. It’s different, but again, the young guys are going to have to step up. That’s me as a leader to get those guys ready and them as professionals to get themselves ready as well. Just got to trust them. A lot of them guys played a lot of football last year, but again, I wasn’t on the field to get to play with them.”

“You never want to end your career the way how it was last year so it (retirement) never really crossed my mind. Just trying to do everything I can to get myself healthy to be here today.”


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“As long as they got the mindset to work and they got the right mindset to do what they need to do at a high level and want to put that work in, me personally, as a football player, as a competitor, I can work with that,” Donald said. 

“I want a bunch of guys that are hungry no matter if they’ve played no snaps or 10 snaps, as long as they got that mindset.”

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