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    Allen Sills On ‘Remarkeable’ Lack of Injuries in Covid Hit NFL Preseason

    By Connor Lynch

    The NFL will determine what aspects of this years’ altered preseason could be implemented in future seasons.

    Offseason programs, OTAs, minicamps as well as most gyms were not an option for NFL players due to the pandemic. 

    With Covid-19 rendering everything about sport uncertain, there were fears that players would sustain more injuries.

    However, the data shows that the number of preseason injuries remained the same as last year, despite the restrictions.


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    “It’s actually quite remarkable, given we had such an unusual offseason,” said Dr. Allen Sills.

    “None of us knew exactly what to expect,” Sills added. 

    “That was the guiding principle in the way the ramp-up was designed, to try to mitigate the ill effects of going too far too fast. I would say I’m pleased more than surprised. I think the strategy was successful in that way and we avoided a big spike of injuries at the outset.”

    The English Premier League has not been so lucky, experiencing 40% more muscular injuries than the previous season.

    NFL players had 11 ACL tears and 16 MCL tears. This is consistent with the last five years’ averages for this type of injury. Concussions remained the same as last year, with 30. This will be pleasing for the league, because this preseason saw more contact in practices. 


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    Elements from this season, like virtual meetings, could be brought forward into future seasons. While no data has yet been examined from the regular season, Sills said the league is open to any changes if the data supports the theory that the players will be healthier. 

    So far, the regular season is on course to be finished on schedule. The Super Bowl will go ahead as planned, in front of a 20% capacity.