Andrew Bogut Critical of NBA over China Fallout

Golden State Warriors legend Andrew Bogut has criticized the NBA’s back down to China over Daryl Morey’s Hong Kong Tweet.

An Australian NBA superstar, Andrew Bogut is uniquely positioned to comment on the controversy between China and the NBA. It’s safe to say that the current Sydney Kings center isn’t impressed.

Morey’s tweet in support of the Hong Kong protests has thrown the NBA’s relationship with China into uncertainty and turmoil.

As a result, China’s state broadcaster will no longer broadcast Houston Rockets games. As well as that, sponsors have backed out, and the league’s business relationships with Chinese bodies are in jeopardy. 

The Houston Rockets were forced to apologize, and a litany of statements from NBA officials followed.

Andrew Bogut is the latest high profile person to weigh in on the situation.


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“Let’s be honest, the NBA has done a fantastic job, business-wise, getting their feet into China,” he said.

“They’re not silly, they know that’s a multi-billion-dollar market, the biggest market in the world.

“But at what cost?”

LeBron James controversially sided with China, saying Morey was ‘misinformed’. Bogut called out LeBron, and any others whose public opinions are influenced by money.


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“Everyone is for the “cause” until the “cause” costs them $$$$$,” he tweeted.

“People who say they’re not very well educated on Hong Kong and what’s going on — it takes all of one hour to jump on the internet and get both sides of the story and form your own opinion,” Bogut said.

“I think it’s pretty obvious what most people’s opinions are.

“But if you have any kind of business interest or financial interest in anything in China, you can’t state those opinions.”

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