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Anthony Richardson Ready To ‘Be Smarter’ In Year 2

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson says he won’t change his play style, but rather make it smarter.

Anthony Richardson played just four times in his rookie season due to a season-ending shoulder injury. 

Before having surgery, Anthony Richardson also sustained a concussion. These knocks inspired questions about whether his dual-threat style is sustainable.


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“I don’t think there’s any way I could have avoided what happened to me,” Richardson said.

“Just a regular, routine tackle. I tried to brace myself for the fall and just my shoulder did what it did. There’s nothing I could do about that.

“Changing my game and my play style? I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with my play style. People see me, I’m a big quarterback, so they always think, ‘Oh, he wants to run the ball all the time, he wants to be physical and that’s what’s gonna get him hurt.’ But that’s not the case. The times I did get hurt… The one time, the one concussion, that was me completely because I slowed down by the end zone — you’re never supposed to do that. Everything else, it just happened because we play a dangerous game, and there’s nothing I can do about that.”


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“But necessarily changing my play? I don’t think I’m gonna change it, but being smart, knowing when to get extra yards and knowing when to get down, I feel like I know how to do that. It’s just I have to do it and do it at the right time, I guess. I don’t know if I’m gonna change my game, but being smarter for the team, of course.”

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