Are the Indians Legit?

Whether or not the Cleavland Indians are the real deal seems to be a popular topic of conversation now-a-days.  The Indians started out the season hot and no one paid attention, however, now that they are sitting firmly atop their very tough division (2.5 games ahead) many are beginning to take notice including us.

Let’s look at some basic stats.  Cleavland is 2.5 games ahead of the Detroit Tigers who are the favorites to win this years World Series according to most sports books.  They are 8-2 on their last ten games and are currently riding high on a five game win streak.  Essentially they have began to demand the attention of the sports world.

It took a while, but even the sports books have began to take notice of the Indians.  Bovada for example now have the Indians at 12/1 to win the World Series.  There are only six other teams with better odds.  Only the Detroit Tigers have better odds to win in their division.

For an example of how hot this team is look at their last series.  They are coming off a four game sweep of the Seattle Mariners in which they found no problem finding home plate.  In fact, they have had no trouble scoring all season long.   They currently sit at fourth place in runs scored in the entire MLB.

Now comes the part in the articles where we say “however” and talk about how this team can potentially fail.  Except I’m not willing to do that when discussing this team as they really do seem like the real deal.  Granted we are only a little over a quarter of the way through the season this team does seem for real.   They have a winning record at home and away, are scoring runs, have solid pitching and this team is meshing together like a championship team.

Their next series, though, is going to be a big test for this team.  They will be their division rivals, division leaders and favorites to win the World Series the Detroit Tigers.  We will now see how the Indians can perform under pressure.  The first game in the series will be at 7:05 p.m. ET.  This series will have a big game feel as these two teams will literally be battling to see how truly is the best team in the AL Central Division.  The Tigers are the slight favorites to win this series, but no as expected the Indians to get this far so if they manage to upset the Tigers perhaps no one should be too surprised.

If you are still questioning if the Indians are legit or not.  Perhaps they will convince you in their series with the Tigers.

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